5 Places to Visit on Your First Trip to Cebu

Heading to Cebu for the first time? No worries. You’ve got a lot of things and places to check out once you’re in the Queen City of the South. You can swim on famous beaches, eat a variety of food, go stargazing, and even swim with the fishes. And if you really don’t have any idea which place to visit on your first trip to Cebu, the following list can help you decide.

Basilica del Santo Niño

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Basilica del Santo Niño

When you say Cebu, Santo Niño or the Holy Child is really popular. You can visit the Santo Nino Church (Minor Basilica of the Holy Child) to start off your trip safely. This is one of the oldest Roman Catholic churches in the Philippines built in 1565. For the devotees, this church is commonly known as Mother and Head of all Churches in the country.

fort san pedro

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Fort San Pedro

Also popularly known as Fuerza de San Pedro, this ancient structure provides visitors with the rich history of Cebu. In 1565, the fort was started by indigenous Cebuanos and Spanish under Miguel Lopez de Legazpi’s command. This is in Plaza Independencia near Cebu City’s pier area. You only have to pay 30 pesos in order to access the fort.

magellan's cross

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Magellan’s Cross

The famous Magellan’s Cross is located near Santo Nino Church. The christian cross was planted by Spanish and Portuguese explorers headed by Ferdinand Magellan. It’s their way of celebrating Rajah Humabon’s and his wife Queen Juana’s baptism as Roman Catholics in 1521. There are also other followers who were baptized that time.

Taoist Temple

The Taoist Temple

The temple is in Beverly Hills Subdivision. In 1972, the Taoist Temple was established by the Chinese community of Cebu to provide worship place for Taoism. Tourists and worshippers are welcomed to the temple. However, you will need to take long steps before you can reach it.

Cebu IT Park

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Cebu IT Park

This is Cebu’s major lifestyle and recreation destination apart from being Information Technology and Communication hub to international BPO companies. Inside the park, you will find various, restaurants, retail stores, wellness centers, bars, and cafes. This is also a perfect getaway if you simply want to experience nightlife in Cebu. Do not forget to visit this place when you’re in the Queen City of the South.

These are only some of the best places to visit in Cebu. Other options include SM Cebu, Ayala Center, Colon Street, and even the Mactan Shrine. Also, you’re trip won’t be complete without tasting Cebu’s lechon and other native delicacies. For the most delicious hot chocolate in the city, go visit Adventure Cafe.

When it comes to resorts, don’t forget to check out Movenpick Resort for their popular Movenpick ice cream. For the adventure seekers, they can hike Mount Manuggal for a relaxing view of atop. And last but not the least, the Club Hari Dive Resort. Cebu is more than a place, it’s a destination you’d be happy to stay.





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