Have you ever wondered if you can eat fancy, travel to places, and still get an exceptional education as a solo parent? Like for real?!
Then you are in the right place my friend!
‘Cause my answer for that would be YES! YES, and YES!
Being a single parent would not limit you as a person in fact I’m a single mom and I’m living this life while still earning my college degree. My blog called Rambling Duo is a travel and food blog that shows solo parents that they can travel the world and still be an awesome mom. This blog showcases places that Me and my son Mico have been to and the places where we have eaten in.
I’ll give you tips, tricks and many other resources to let you see that you too can travel anywhere while getting that college degree, working and raising your son/daughter the right way.

So, Who Am I?
Hi! I am Zwitsal Mae or you can just call me Zwitsy that’s what my friends call me. I am a proud single mother to my fashion savvy little boy Mico Angelo. I created this blog as a journal of our travels that my son could look back on as he grows older and I also created this blog for the purpose of inspiring single parents around the world not to give up and that they can still pursue their dream to travel and have a good life while having a son/daughter with them.

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