Discovery of Antonia Beach and Ways to Enjoy It

Seeing the towering rock formations and appealing white sand beaches in Islas de Gigantes is only one of the best experiences you can get once you decide to visit this group of islands in Iloilo. There are so many islands to check out as they are all beautiful and swim-able like Coron. But the tourists choice award goes to Antonia Beach. Why? You’ve got to see this for yourself and be the judge.


Hidden Gem in the Eastern Side of Gigantes Sur

Technically, Antonia is not an island, but a beach located south of Gigantes Sur. You can compare it to Cabugao Gamay, another popular attraction in Isla Gigantes with fine white-sand beaches and limestone hills as well, only that Antonia is twice bigger than Cabugao. But for many tourists who have been in this beach resort, it’s the perfect lunch stop with cold drinks and some food. Currently, it’s the only place where you can find sari-sari store while island hopping in the islands of giants.

The west side is for the boats so you can swim on the other side. Although whether there are boats or none, all sides are perfect for swimming. The coconut trees provide shade during hot months and you can even bring a hammock to relax on the beach. Island hoppers enjoy this part of the Gigantes Sur because of the natural beauty possessed by Antonia Beach. It’s like having an adventure in Coron, Palawan.

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Other Exciting Things to Experience

While at the beach, do not forget to try their wasay-wasay specialty. It’s a special kind of shellfish that is axe-shaped, hence the name wasay-wasay which means axe-like. You can enjoy a basket of these exotic but yummy treat for only Php200. All you need to do is pour a gallon of boiling water to open the shells. Some customers were very lucky to find small pearls on the shells.

Another unforgettable experience is camping out in Antonia Beach. It’s definitely a worthwhile experience because of the surrounding beauty of the place. You will feel like living in a paradise where you can enjoy peace of mind and laid-back island lifestyle. Some of the reasons why it’s the place for camping are the sunrise and sunset, budget-friendly camping and entrance fees, ridiculously fresh seafood, spacious tents for group travelers, stunning coral reefs while snorkeling, enchanting nearby caves, and a beach volleyball area.

Antonia-Beach-Isla-Gigantes-Travel-To-Philippines-The-Rambling-Duo-2 Antonia-Beach,-Isla-Gigantes-Travel-To-Philippines-The-Rambling-Duo-4 Antonia-Beach-Isla-Gigantes-Travel-To-Philippines-The-Rambling-Duo

Enjoy Your Favorite Beach Activities

Of course, Antonia Beach is not only for swimming and beach volleyball playing. It is also a haven for those who want to explore abundant marine life and witness the beauty underwater. Snorkeling is one of the best things you can do here. You will be amazed by the colorful fishes and coral reefs that are not difficult to find. Some tourists go canoeing, scuba diving, kayaking, and other fun activities offered in the place. So what are you waiting for? Feed your hungry soul with a memorable trip to Isla Gigantes and see the beauty of Antonia Beach firsthand.


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