Bantigue Island, Isla Gigantes: A Must-See Sandbar in Iloilo

Iloilo is popular for its Isla Gigantes where you will see beautiful islands and white sand beaches. This go-to paradise is not only a summer favorite, but also visited by local and foreign tourists all year round. And do you know what’s the latest attraction that makes this group of islands trending on social media? The Bantigue Island Sandbar. It’s part of the Gigantes Norte where you will find a C-shaped sandbar with 360-degree view of the surrounding islands.


How to Get There

From Gigantes Norte’s Asluman’s makeshift pier, you can reach the Bantigue Sandbar via a 20-minute boat ride. As the boat passes by the islands, you will be amazed by the Enchanted City where you can go cliff diving. At night, the place is beautifully lighted by fireflies. Perhaps, that is the reason why it’s called “enchanted”. At first sight, you will find the unique stretch of the white sandbar.


Falling In Love with the Beach

You can call it love at first sight on initial approach. That is perfectly understandable because Bantigue Island is truly a remarkable place to be, especially during the summer season. And if you are a certified thalassophile, one who loves the beach, this is the best recommended getaway that you need once in a while. Come see the finely textured sand, the energizing sun, the whole stretch of white sand beaches, the crystal clear blue waters, and everything that the ocean offers.


Why Visit Bantigue Island

Perhaps you’ve seen a lot of beaches in the Philippines already, but Bantigue is no ordinary island. It is filled with nature’s beauty that will surely take your breath away. The sandbar is usually shaped like the C letter. However, during monsoon, you will find it snake-shaped. And on summer season, the sandbar curves into a banana shape. Yes, it changes in shape depending on the direction of the strong winds and the level of water. Interesting, isn’t it?

Things to Do in the Island

Of course, the most common thing to do here is to swim. But you can also indulge yourself in taking pictures of the beautiful sandbar and the nearby islands. There are island nooks you can explore as well as rocky shoreline to give you a challenge while photo-walking. Do not leave the island without bagging a perfect shot. The scattered islets won’t fail you in giving the best shot before going to the other islands.

Some tourists lounge in the sandbar if the heat is not too harsh. Sunbathing is a perfect way to get those tan lines – marks that say you did enjoy the Bantigue Island. If you’re with a loved one, you will enjoy the tranquility of the island while telling your partner sweet nothings. With friends, you can explore and enjoy the sandbar together and create wonderful memories you can take home. So what are you waiting for? Bantigue Island Sandbar is just here waiting. Check out the place and see how Instagram-worthy it is.

Photos taken by @makoboelin for

Photos taken by @makoboelin for

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