Recent studies have shown that medical cannabis can be beneficial in treating a variety of conditions. While the federal government may be skeptical, many doctors are beginning to embrace the use of cannabis as a potential treatment. In California, marijuana has been legal for medical use for some time, and has even recently been approved for recreational use. If you are suffering from a chronic illness and are wondering about medical marijuana, here is what you need to do to get a Medical Cannabis Patient ID in the state of California:

Do Your Research: Find out whether medical marijuana can help with your condition. Cannabis has been used in a broad variety of ailments including anxiety, glaucoma, arthritis and migraines. You should also look into the variety of methods that medical marijuana can be ingested and whether or not a specific method works best for your condition.

Speak to Your Doctor: You will need a medical expert to sign off on your new treatment before you can obtain your medical cannabis ID. Express your interests about marijuana to your doctor and see what he or she recommends. Keep in mind that some doctors are more conservative than others and may dismiss the idea out of habit. If your doctor is skeptical, you can always seek a second opinion.

Find a Great Supplier: Once you have your medical cannabis card, the next step is finding a supplier- ideally one that would provide marijuana delivery and save you travel time. You can find dispensaries nearby by searching for “marijuana delivery near me.” Look for a company that offers great products at great prices in addition to the convenience of delivery.

Living in California has many perks and getting a medical marijuana card, and delivery, hassle-free is definitely one of them.