The island of Panglao in Bohol is not only popular because of its beautiful beaches, but also with its interesting tourist attractions like the watchtower and the church. In fact, one day is not enough to explore its natural scene and stunning 360-degree views since the island is also known for many packaged tours. So if you want to have a trip to Bohol this year with your family and friends, make sure to consider this wonderful travel destination in Central Visayas.


Falling In Love with Panglao Beach

You will not only enjoy the sunset in Panglao beach but also the surrounding scenery. Sightseeing is perfect for this beautiful island, especially if you’re with your loved one. There are plenty of pristine white beaches to explore and you will surely drain your energy after touring around the island. With a bridge connecting Tagbilaran and Panglao, it’s easy to access the beaches.

To name a few beaches you can enjoy in the island are Alona Beach, Bagobo Beach, Bolod Beach, Danao Beach, and Doljo Beach. You will never run out of options in discovering the entire Panglao Beach. Just make sure to prepare yourself for an exciting adventure around the island.


Take a Visit to Panglao Church

The famous Panglao church is originally named Saint Augustine Church. It is found on the south west part of the island with 18-kilometer distance from Tagbilaran. At the back, you will see the seashore. On its right is the wide plaza where social and religious activities usually take place. The solid stone church is inspired of the Spanish times with spacious public square for people after going to church.

You can take the jeepney, mini-bus, or van to reach the church. Just look for the Panglao-Tagbilaran route. The standard fare is Php 20 only so there’s not much hassle when visiting this century-old religious building in Panglao Island, Bohol.


Watching Over from Panglao Watchtower

 In 1851, the watchtower of Panglao was built with 5-storey, octangular tower that is purportedly the “tallest” in the country. It’s basically a stone watchtower standing close to the seashore and a walking distance from the church. However, the overall structure is now in very poor condition with wood members already deteriorating. There’s also no entree to the topmost level due to the lost wooden stairway.

Although it’s understandable that the watchtower is deteriorating because of rain and sunlight, you can still enjoy the tower experience. Remember Rapunzel? It will make you feel like you’re in the fantasy world with an old tower near the shore. Lovers even love the view because it’s romantic and very attractive to look at.

There are so many old Spanish structures you can find in Bohol. And the watchtower and the church are only some of the best highlights of a Panglao Island tour. So if you are planning to bring your family and friends to the island-province, make sure to plan ahead to avoid peak season rush.