To be able to discover all the restos available in the city, here I am slowly finding one.

Located at GRS Building, Cervantes street of Dumaguete City, El Comedor Resto can be found. If a somewhat western type of food is what you are looking for, this place offers you wide selection that surely you’ll love.


El Comedor Resto

first floor setting

The only downside about the place is that we were just expecting something elegant, I guess. It isn’t really what we expected since what we saw on their facebook page is that it is somewhat like elegant and everything.  But as they say, never expect too much ’cause you will be heartbroken in the end (Hugot Much!). HAHAHA Anyhow, the concept of the place is nice and I guess I just expected it to be bigger and wider.

1st-floor setting

doorway to stairs for the 2nd-floor

stairs to the 2nd floor

2nd floor setting

It is a two-story restaurant. It comes with tables and chairs good for 2 persons and more. I would say, the whole place could roughly cater about 50-60persons in total at a time.

they have a veranda area

They opened recently, just last August 2016 to be exact. They are open from Monday-Saturday 11 am to 9 pm and on Sunday around 2 pm to 9 pm.


Even though I was a bit disappointed about the place (since you know my expectation is a bit high), but their food somehow cures my disappointments, though. I find the foods they cater impressive and delish superb that I totally forgot about the place while eating all the foods we have ordered.

Anyhoo, my favorite would be their Nachos ’cause they are super yummy and didn’t cost that much. By the way, the prices below are just estimations since I forgot the exact prices of each dish. For the record, we opted for the following dishes:

El Comedor Pizza Close Up Photo

El Comedor Pizza which costs around Php190+ ($4.50). I really forgot to take note of its price since I was quite hungry that time. hahaha

Nachos, my fave of all! It costs about Php170 or so ($4)…

El Comedor Nachos

Seafood Platter for about Php200+ ($5). This can fit for 2-3 persons but sure that if you are a seafood lover, a platter would be fit for you and a partner.


I may be quite disappointed with the ambiance but sure that food somehow made it interesting. So I guess, what matters most is the food they cater. The place would be a bonus, perhaps.

El Comedor Resto | Cervantes St, Dumaguete, Negros Oriental | (035) 422 7471