Not really that I don’t have a love for arts. It’s just that, I am not really passionate towards it as to why I don’t spend much time towards making arts and crafts.

As time passed by, I’ve learned to appreciate things a little by little. Like literally, I’ve realized that everything we have is made of art! That’s the time I’ve figured out, travel has given me so much impact in my life.

How traveling helped me appreciate art was when I was slowly seeing myself taking pictures of the wonders of the places I get to visit. Plus, the music that I get to hear every time I travel particularly the one that was played on the bus bound to Oslob. It reminds me that life has so many things to offer. Oh, I love the music played there, it sure likes of the Guitar Center, fender passport which my cousin has been checking lately. Anyhow, these are just some of the things that made me realized that art is really everywhere.

Don’t get me wrong. I have known art has been part of our lives. It’s just that, I don’t appreciate it that much. Thence, you might fight this post really surprising but yeah, traveling did really help me appreciate art, more!