Summer is definitely here! And the heat is just among the things we hate about summer but sure even if it is that hot, we still have ways how to beat it!

When it comes to places, there are so many beautiful and interesting spots can be found in the Philippines and among them are the places that are perfect during summer. And for those who haven’t been here, I have decided to compile the best places to beat the heat in the country. Though I haven’t been there yet, I am sure that we can all agree particularly for those who have been there already.

The Beauty of the Philippines

To start it off, here are the local places where you can definitely enjoy summer and without worrying about the hotness of the sun.

Baguio. Known as the Summer Capital City of Philippines, this city is definitely one of the best places to visit when it comes to an unwinding weather. I haven’t been here personally but sure that many of Filipinos couldn’t agree more that this is definitely one of the best places to visit may it be summer or not!

Tagaytay. Set at the southern part of Manila, this is also one of the best places to beat the heat may it be summer or not. Known to have a fine weather, you surely will love visiting this particularly this summer.

Sagada. Known as the place for those who are heartbroken (lol) and is set in Cordillera Mountains, you sure can’t get wrong with visiting here. Aside from beautiful ambiance, this comes with fine cool weather that you’ll enjoy.

Osmena Peak. Set in the province of Cebu, yes, you read it right, CEBU! You can find OSmena Peak. Aside from being known mountain on the island, it comes with a fine breeze that you’ll enjoy spending quality time there with your family and friends.

These are just among the places you can visit in the country. Though I am sure that there are many to mention but sure that these 4 are a must to visit! And I’ll surely be visiting one of these, hopefully, I’ll start at the nearest.