Whether it’s just an ordinary day or a special day, an ice cream treat will always be a perfect idea to have.

Located at RHD Building, Ma. Cristina Street, Dumaguete City, Panda Ice Cream can be found. It’s just near Silliman University just in case you aren’t familiar with the said building.

For your ice cream cravings, Panda Ice Cream House is definitely one of the best places to visit in the city. It has varieties of ice cream and every order comes with excellent and presentable presentations.


I love how simple yet Panda-ish the ambiance the store has. What I love about the store are the panda designs drawn on its wall. I find it cute!

The counter area comes with the Panda-ish design too. The place is air-conditioned and I love how the orange shade works fine with the theme Panda of the store. There are enough chairs and tables to cater groups of people. So if in case you are planning to get a group treat, this could be a perfect place for you!

Ice Cream and Everything

So here’s the thing, they don’t just sell ice cream. They also have other products to offer. The store also offers Hot Crepes, Cold Crepes, Parfaits, Splits, Waffle Sundaes, and Ice Cream Delights, of course. They also have sandwiches and other meals as well that makes this store pretty much more than of an ice cream place.

What I love about the taste particularly the ice creams is that it is not like the typical ice creams we can easily buy in convenience stores since Panda’s Ice Cream is not that sweet but satisfying.

Here are the items we have opted when we dined there:

Panda Pao. It costs Php35 per serving. I find it cute, you sure do too! It perfectly fits the brand.

Halo-Halo Special Banana Split from their Splits Menu, each service costs Php120.

This Hearty Heart 3 is pretty cute. It from their Ice Cream Delight Menu and it has a strawberry flavor.

Each Hearty Heart 3 serving of it costs Php75.

We also opted for their Hearty Heart 1 which is also from their Ice Cream Delight menu. It has Pandan flavor and it costs Php75.

I also love their Forbidden Fudge Brownie which is among the items we also ordered. It is from their Parfaits Menu and you can get it for Php100 per serving.

Their Cake Delight from their Ice Cream Delight Menu is also a bomb! You can get it for Php85 per serving.


For desserts particularly ice cream, this is something you should visit one day whenever you are in the city. I am sure you’ll love every item they have on their menu particularly for those who are ice cream lovers.

Panda Ice Cream | RHD Building, Ma. Cristina Street, Dumaguete City | (035) 225 9644