Short History of Pawikan Cave and How to Explore It

An Isla Gigantes tour will never be complete and exciting without seeing the Pawikan Cave in Gigantes Sur. Tourists enjoy the gigantic rock formations and remarkable cave openings of this site. You can also explore the cave which is believed to have folk stories to tell. What are you waiting for? Put it on your bucketlist this year and see why people love to explore Pawikan Cave.

How Was The Pawikan Cave Founded

Iloilo’s Cave of Gold or more commonly known as Pawikan Cave is in Barangay Lantangan, Gigantes Sur, Carles. Its name was inspired by the discovery of 5 huge turtle or pawikan shaped stones inside the cave. And not only that, there are also turtle egg shaped rocks found within the formation. With all these discoveries inside the enchanting cave, people know it today as a great attraction in Iloilo.

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What Are There To See Inside The Cave

 If you decide to explore Pawikan Cave in your island hopping tour, that’s an excellent decision. You will witness various cave chambers with tiny openings that bring rays of light inside. And while you amaze yourself inside the cavern, your guide will introduce you to some interesting folk tales such as the hidden treasure. According to locals, the Japanese Imperial Army used the huge turtle egg shaped rock formations as marking tools for the buried gold bars.

However, you will need lots of energy to get into the cave since it requires steep hike. But once you get inside, you will feel accomplished as you watch the spectacular Pawikan Cave with otherworldly ambiance. This must-see attraction also offers tourists with dramatic subterranean views you can use for your selfies. Local guides will also give you tips on how to completely enjoy the island with your friends.

Historical Beauty of Pawikan Cave

Upon entering the huge opening of the cave, you will be welcomed to the historical beauty of the entire place. From the small openings above the hundred feet high ceiling to the intriguing feature of the cave regarding the “Yamashita treasure”. Everything seems really historical about the place, plus the inviting atmosphere of the stalagmites and stalactites. From where you’re standing, you will find the lights from the opening angelical.

Despite the folk stories about the hidden gold inside the cave, no one has ever found anything that will lead to the buried treasure. And as tourists continue their trip through the spectacular Islas Gigantes, particularly in the Gigantes Sur, more and more impressive views await. There are unlimited pictures to take while enjoying the boat ride with your family.


Uncover the Mystery

So if you’re planning to explore Iloilo this year, it would be memorable to visit Pawikan Cave in Carles. You will never regret this trip as you take pleasure in every scenery that you see before you. Although some of the Pawikan stones were damaged due to treasure hunters trying to find the gold, the cave remains a beauty to behold. It’s still a mystery for locals to whether the treasure is real or not. You can go see for yourself.

Photos taken by @makoboelin for
Photos taken by @makoboelin for

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