Exploring the Red Rock Falls in Negros Oriental, Philippines

Red Rock Falls, Pulang Bato Falls, or Red River Valley Waterfalls, whatever you may call it, the place is just too perfect if you want to enjoy the beauty and sound of nature. It’s a paradise where you can simply relish this unique waterfalls with seemingly red water due to the red rocks present in the river valley. The minerals contained by the rocks make the reddish appearance of the water but it remains clear and refreshing for a dip.


What to Expect from Red Rock Falls

The cascading water from Red Rock Falls end up in the man-made pool that is perfect for diving and swimming. The serene river also gives tourists an opportunity to reflect and enjoy quality time with friends and loved ones. With rich flora and fauna surrounding the waterfalls, there are definitely other pleasurable things to see and do in this small town. So you’re headed on the right path if you decided to visit Negros Oriental this year. The scenery is truly surprising if you check it out for yourself.


How to Get There

This beautiful waterfalls is found in Valencia, a nearby town in Dumaguete City. From the city, you can ride a trike or jeepney to reach the town proper. Then ride another going to Malabo, this is the barangay where the Red Rock Falls of Ocoy Valley is exactly located. The entrance fee you will be paying is only 20 pesos to enjoy the entire waterfalls. Take note, if you’re riding a private vehicle or a motorcycle, you will reach the waterfalls in 30 minutes – that is if you’re coming from Dumaguete City.


Why Negros Oriental?

The city capital of Negros Oriental is Dumaguete. It is home to a wide range of eco-adventures, dive spots, and amazing beaches. And one of the best spots you can check out here is the popular Red Rock Falls. The reddish water actually comes from Mount Talinis. It is the 2nd highest peak you can trek in the Visayas. Geothermal properties are also prominent in the town that’s why minerals are abundant.


The ride going to Valencia is exciting due to steep, paved, and gravel-ridden roads. So before you get to the falls, you will be thrilled by an interesting road trip with your friends. As you approach this hidden gem, it looks impressive with huge red rocks on the sides and at the base of the waterfalls. It may look shallow, but it is actually deep enough if you want to jump or dive. All you need to do is climb up the nearby rock and jump off the man-made pool.


A Refreshing Journey to Dumaguete

Now, if you’re thrilled enough by these trivias about the Red Rock Falls, you will be more thrilled when you see it personally. So pack your bag and get ready for an exciting adventure to this awesome waterfalls in Ocoy Valley, Valencia. You will definitely enjoy the experience, especially if you love natural pools and waterfalls.


Pulang Bato Falls Accomodation:

Entrance: Adult – 50php

Children (10yrs & bellow) – 20php

Cottage: 300php table & chairs: 200php

Guest house: 1,500 day use & 2,500 overnight