We all gaga when it comes to planning on going to a vacation, much more for a long one! I am sure that we all shared the same sentiments when it comes to the excitement we get out from planning. Well, that most probably the best thing we can have always every summer and even on short vacay ones.

Anyhow, I have decided to share my thoughts on what should we pack on for a summer vacation. Well, we have our own list, perhaps, but for those who are still struggling on what to bring along with them aside from a couple of clothes (of course), this is definitely a guide you can follow somehow. Note that this post is just my thought and it may or may not affect you in any way. So I just hope that in case you don’t find something reasonable here, you’ll just consider that these are most of the things I include on my packing list.

Vacation Packing List

When it comes to going on a vacation, it is really essential to pack wisely. Thus, having a summer vacation packing list for summer activities is really a big help most especially if this trip has been planned already. To cut it off, here are the things I consider essential and should be part of one’s packing list.

Personal Needs. Aside from clothes, personal needs are really necessary and that a must packed! When it comes to going on a vacation, list down the things your body needs. These, perhaps, include a toothbrush, personal health kit which enclosed the vitamins and other on the go meds, deodorant, body lotion, and so much more.

Emergency Kit. Accidents are inevitable and that, being prepared all the time is really important. No matter where you go, always have a portable emergency kit with you.

Extra Money. It’s always important to have extra cash with you but keep this in a different place so that this won’t be touched for unnecessary expenditures.


Extra Phone with an extra battery. An emergency can happen in no time. By bringing along with you an extra handy phone, it will definitely save you.

IDs. The most important stuff you should never miss of bringing, IDs. No matter what happen, having an identification card with you is less hassle. Trust me, it sure is.

Water. Traveling can really be exhausting. Having water to quench your thirst will definitely save you wherever you go.

And above all, never ever forget of checking your list twice. To ensure that you bring everything essential, checking things twice saves the day indeed!