What To Do in Tangke Island, Isla Gigantes

Off the coast of Estancia and Carles towns in the north easternmost part of Iloilo is where you will find the touristy Islas de Gigantes or simply Gigantes Islands. Before, it was not yet known by many as a beautiful destination in the Philippines. But now, Isla Gigantes gets featured in various travel magazines and blogs, particularly the Tangke Island. From Iloilo City, it will take more or less 5 hours to reach the place but it’s all worth it. You’ll see why.


Expect the Unexpected

Probably, if it’s your first time traveling to Iloilo especially in Isla Gigantes, everything would be a surprise. So the best advice for you is to expect the unexpected, on a positive note of course. There are plenty of surprising views to enjoy such as the seascapes. Also, you will surely love the laid back island lifestyle that Tangke offers. It is blessed with powdery white-sand beaches, beautifully jagged limestone rock formations, and abundant fresh seafood. Just so you know, there are mystical tales about the rock formations according to locals.


Why People Visit Tangke Island

Despite the increasing popularity of Isla Gigantes, the islands have fortunately retained its purity and offbeat charm. Unlike Bohol, Boracay, and other top Philippine tourist destinations, Isla Gigantes provide tourists with unspoiled and refreshing environment where you can peacefully harmonize with nature. Here are some of the top things to do in Tangke Island:


  • Dip or swim in the saltwater lagoon. Many people say it’s a lagoon, but some disagree. If you will personally take a look at it, Tangke is like a natural pool. It forms an opening where the boats usually anchor. Sea water goes inside the opening hence the impression of a lagoon. But really, it looks like a huge enchanting pool where you can swim and enjoy the refreshing clear water.
  • Relax in the peaceful environment of the island. If you’re the type of person who wants to have a quiet, uncrowded place, Tangke is the place to be. However, be sure to visit the place during high-tide to get a better view of Tangke.
  • Spot the beautiful flora and fauna. According to local guides, if you’re lucky enough, you might see monkeys in the trees of Tangke Island. These wild monkeys show up when the place is not too crowded and noisy. So better watch out for this when you visit the place. You can hear the sound of nature when you have the island for yourself.
  • Cliff diving. For those who want some challenge, they can go cliff diving outside Tangke. Yes, it’s a great experience to try if you really want to enjoy the activities in the island. In fact, the famous reporter from GMA, Jessica Soho also jumped off the cliff.


To explore other tourist spots in Isla Gigantes, you can go island hopping and try the activities each island has to offer. All you need is to trust your local guide so that you can enjoy the whole experience better.

Photos taken by @makoboelin for www.ramblingduo.com

Photos taken by @makoboelin for www.ramblingduo.com

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