One of the few things I love about traveling is that you get to see beautiful places plus you’ll also learn different cultures along the way. Yes, that is just one of the amusing things you get out from investing to visiting different places!

Whether you are traveling abroad or local, sure that there are so many things you can learn from them. Aside from the good food and known scenery, the best things include the types of musical instruments you find. I remember the last time I went to Cebu; I found guitar stores near the city. And what I love about the shop is that it doesn’t limit to guitars alone but sorts of string instruments! I even found similar to martin backpacker, check it out at, I am just not sure, though it if that was really one. But sure that the look the same. They also have ukulele with different sizes. That gave me the interest to really take a look at music shops whenever I visit new places.

On the other hand, I also consider visiting affordable restos where I can find good deals – like good food without spending too much money on it! And the connection? You can really find one if you just have the patience to discover! So the next time you travel to a new place, make sure to spend a little time to discover new things!