Things to be Wary of about Travel Scams

Unlike any other services/products offered both online and offline, travel packages are needed to be paid upfront before a service or a package is given. As to why, getting a travel package should be done meticulously. But just like how services are offered, there are somethings we hold no control of and this includes getting scammed. One of the good examples, perhaps, is the idea that some travel packages turn out to be quite different from what was expected. This is why, it is really important to be wary of travel scams as it exists.

If you receive an offer by phone or by mail for a free accommodation or a very low-priced vacation trip to a popular destination, there are a few things you should consider and question yourself a lot of times before digging into that opportunity. This includes the following:

  • Is the offer too good to be true?
  • Does opting for the offer ask you to provide your credit card info?
  • Are you pressured to say yes over the offer?
  • Are you being asked not to leave for at least 2 months? (This tactic is very common. If you get to hear this idea, then keep in mind that the deadline for disputing a credit card charge is 60 days. Hence, the 2 months)
  • If you ask for the representative about their location and they simply can’t provide a specific address, then you must think again.

If you encounter any of these scenarios, proceed at your own risk. But if you are to ask us, it’s better not to risk, for sure. But if you mean not to judge that quick, well you got a point too. Perhaps, the least you can do is to be cautious and give it a try. To be able not to get victimized, here are the things you may consider before you finally opt for their offer.

  • Ask for written information to be sent to you.
  • Any legitimate travel company will be happy to oblige. If they don’t have a brochure, ask for a day or two to think it over. Most bona fide deals that are good today will still be good two days from now so there’s no need to be in a hurry. If they say no to both requests, this, perhaps, will put you to risk should you say yes in snap!
  • If you are told that you’ve won a free vacation, try to ask if you have to avail something for you to get it.
  • Note that not everyone who offers free vacation is scam, though. Some may use it for their marketing strategy. So it is really essential to probe. Some packages have promoted free air fare in return that you need to book for expensive hotel arrangements. Others include a free hotel stay, but no air fare, sort like that of ideas.
  • Probe in general
  • It is really important to know what’s inside the package being offered. Before opting for it, probe for possible cases that could happen and what you expected resolution you want from them. Make sure to include the possible expenses from the airfare (if applicable), food expenses, and so as the accommodation. It’s much easier to work on this by probing and clearing things up before finally deciding.

If everything is just simply sound too good to be true, it most likely is. So better be cautious with what is offered to you particularly if it would involve your bank info.