Having my son is such a blessing given to me by God. Not do I only have a son but I get to have a best friend and a loving and caring travel buddy too. I love Traveling and my Baby boy is the perfect travel buddy for me. Last Saturday I was given a chance to shop at the Baby Company PH Stand Alone Store located at SM seaside Cebu City. I was so thrilled since baby needs some travel essentials and Baby Company PH had those nice and budget friendly essentials.

Roaming around the baby company store, I found a lot of travel essentials for my son as well as suggestions for all of you parents that are traveling with your babies. And trust me, picking the travel essentials from baby company wasn’t that easy for me. It is not about how they arrange things ’cause believe me, they have color coded walls which carries different categories for your baby that makes it really easy that even first time parents can really see this but it is about the items. There are just a lot of them and they are all nice and really can be used that having top picks is hard.

Anyhow, these are my top picks for my travel essentials from baby company ph.

  1. Mom Card – This is my first choice because this can earn you points when you purchase items from baby company. Of course you can always use your SM advantage card but having the mom card will earn you more points. For SM advantage it would be for every php200 purchase for a 1 point but if you use the Mom Card it would be for every php100 purchase for a 1 point and these points can be used to buy items from the store too. This card is available for only php100 or 2.01USD.

2. Dr. Drown’s Baby Care Travel Kit – This is my second pick, I love it because aside from it is from a known nice baby company which is Dr.Browns it is also so handy and just perfect for traveling. This kit includes baby lotion, diaper cream, baby balm and baby wash which is what baby’s need and it’s size is perfect and can be brought in airplane rides. Also, it is only priced at php2,349.75 or 47.32USD.

3. Ollin 3-in-1 multi functional diaper bag – I like this because it can be a baby bed, just a diaper bag and also a stroller organizer which you can attach to your stroller. It has pockets for easy storing of baby food and bottles and it also has warmly padded bassinet and it is easy to take around anywhere when you are traveling providing you that convenience that every mommy traveler wants and needs. Priced only at php1,699.75 or 34.23USD.

4. Baby Baskets – This is one of my top picks for travel essentials from the baby company because it is handy and stylish and I like how it has like a net cover so that baby wont have mosquitoes flying all over him.

5. Summer Health & Grooming Kit – This is my 5th choice since it has 12 pieces of baby grooming essentials. It has plastic storage for us on the go mommy’s and best of all it is only for php1,399.75 or 28.19USD.

6. Mosquito repellent patches and toy surface cleaner – As traveling mother or parents we only want what is best for our babies so it is always handy to have these cleaners to make sure that what our babies is using is safe and of course mosquito repellent ’cause we can’t afford to have our babies sick when we are traveling.

7. Gb Pockit Foldable Stroller – My 7th choice since its easy to use and also handy and aside from that it is fold-able so you can keep it when it is not in use. It is also recognized by Guinness world records as the worlds most compact folding stroller.

8. Travel Chummies – Yes you read that right, those cute stuffed animals are called travel chummies they are sold for php199.75 Β or 4.02USD and they can be used as a head rest, a neck rest or a back rest and best of all your babies will enjoy their cuteness and of course me as a mom also got one for myself.

Did I mention that as a mom card holder you also get to have more freebies and sale items and this will allow you to buy more travel essentials from baby company. I loved every minute I spent looking at the items and buying some of them. Thank you so much Baby Company for having me. How about you guys? Have you already visited baby company? If not, then head on over now to the baby company stand alone store located at the 2nd floor of SM seaside just across H&M.


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Disclaimer: This post and shopping experience is sponsored by the baby company. All reviews and thoughts on the items are all mine and not in any way related to the compensation provided by the baby company. All items posted here are my own favorites and were not influenced by the baby company sponsorship.